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Simple Tips to Cope With Workplace Stress

Anyone who has ever held an office job knows all about work-related stress. Even if you love what you do, every job has it’s own stressful elements.

To avoid feeling frazzled or burnt out, try these 5 tips for fighting workplace stress.

If able, telecommute occasionally. Sometimes, the office environment itself can be stressful. Throw all your files in some free Box cloud storage, and work from the couch one day next week. You may even discover that you’re more productive from your own home.

It’s okay to delegate. If you have no idea what a cloud computing storage service is, let someone else handle it. What is anti-virus software? Call the IT department. You don’t need to be in charge of every little thing.

Stop multi-tasking. Sure, it sounds like a great idea to get multiple things done at once, but it never works out that way. Instead, you end up being less efficient, and more stressed out.

Get up. You could take little stretch breaks every so often, or you could go outside for a walk on your lunch break. Just get up and get your blood flowing. Besides, stepping away from your desk can help clear up your mind a bit and help you avoid burnout.

Take time to recharge. You need to disconnect from your work responsibilities and practice a little self-care. Decompress on the way home by listening to your favorite music, practice yoga, or even just take time to have a glass of wine in the bath.

Kirsan Caswell

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