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9 Changes That Could Turn Your Mental Health Around

Even folks who don’t usually suffer from mental illness might find themselves feeling a little weird these days. I know it’s been said a million times before, but sometimes clichés are true! We’re living through some strange times. And when times are strange, we as people tend to get in our heads and spiral into emotional funks.

So, we’ve collected (and edited for clarity) some of the most insightful responses from a recent Reddit thread that all answer the question: What was the best thing you ever did for your mental health? 

This is what people said.

9. Stop Beating Yourself Up

Stopped believing the lie that everyone has their s– together, and since I didn’t that meant I was incompetent and a failure – and started counseling and antidepressants. – u/Username_Kate

8. Get Your Sleep in Check

Better sleep (consistent both in duration and time of day) & staying off my phone. – u/liablediana

7. Prioritize ‘Me Time’

Started trying to better understand myself by dedicating half an hour of “me time” per day. I never realized how consumed I was with life and everything around me, and that I lost myself in the process. This gave me time to reflect on how I felt or how my days went, without everything being mindless tasks every day. – u/m0_y

6. Let Go of What’s Not Working

Quit social media then quit drinking. – u/jax04

5. Try Something Different

Traveling for concerts. I was very sheltered and scared of everything. Then I found the band I really love and started traveling for them. Over the last three years I’ve been to a lot of places and met a lot of people. Going anywhere is a piece of cake now, I don’t even think about it anymore. I found my freedom 🙂 And the concerts make me truly happy. – u/Another_Place0452

4. Spread the Love

I got a dog. Seriously, something to take care of every day just gives life a bit more meaning. – u/ProlapsedRabbit

3. Get Fit

Working out consistently. Has been the best thing for my mental health. Gives me perspective and helps manage my anxiety. – u/Manatee_Soup

2. Affirm Yourself

Reminding myself that I am enough. – u/the_vent

1. Reach Out

Seeking help was the hardest thing I did but the best thing by far. – u/Gr0und0ne

Sometimes a deliberate change in your routine is the best way to pull yourself out of a funk. What changes have you made in your life that improved your mental health?

Catie Housman

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