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How to (Emotionally) Handle the Elections This Year

If you’re from the US, you know there is a lot going on right now with our election process. Former VP Joe Biden just got the Democratic nomination by default when Senator Bernie Sanders dropped out due to falling numbers and support. Biden will go up against former reality TV star Donald Trump, who is running for his second term during the biggest global pandemic our generation has ever seen.

It’s a lot.

There are a few important things that you need to do this election cycle to preserve your mental health. It’s important that you limit your intake of media regarding the elections, and the scrolling of your social media feed. It’s OK to snooze or even remove someone from showing up on your feed if they’re posting things that make you feel anxious, agitated, or angry.

Get involved, but only to a point – you need to put yourself first. If you want to be active in a campaign that’s great, and it can be a wonderful thing. But don’t feel like you have to at the detriment of your own personal health.

Finally, make sure you read or watch at least one thing every day that has nothing to do with the elections. It could be a chapter of a book before bed, a funny video on YouTube, your favorite HGTV show… whatever. Step outside of that election bubble, at least for a while.

Mary Newman

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