Mental Check In

How to Handle the Stress of Running Your Own Business

Running your own small business can be incredibly rewarding. It’s likely the manifestation of many years of dreaming and hard work.

However, entrepreneurs are subject to plenty of stress that threatens to keep you up at night. After all, you’re in charge of everything. Are you making enough sales to keep the business going? Where can you find checks for less reorder? Are you experiencing problems with equipment or operations?

The sooner you start implementing stress management, the better. Otherwise, all those problems and thoughts will keep your mind racing, making you tired and anxious.

First, try to remember what’s going right. It’s not always just about focusing on what’s going wrong!

After that, rank your tasks in order of importance, and start delegating. Accomplish the big, most important things at the top of the list. And then, let someone else handle the smaller stuff for you, like ordering those Quickbooks checks or restocking the coffee supplies.

Most importantly, remember to take breaks and take care of yourself. Running a small business can take a lot out of you, between the early mornings, long nights, no weekends, and no sick days. Keep up with small things like drinking water, eating regularly, and resting. And don’t forget to take a little “you time” and practice self-care, too.

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