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Is Online Counseling More Beneficial Than Traditional Therapy?

Though many people are at least somewhat familiar with counseling, many may not be aware that online counseling is an option.

Online counseling can be a viable way to help people with certain mental health problems. Much like traditional counseling, this method of mental health treatment has proven to be both helpful and therapeutic.

Online therapy does have a few benefits over traditional counseling, though.

For instance, web counseling has been shown to be more affordable and economical — both for the client and the therapist.

Online counseling is also convenient. It can create an opportunity for therapists to offer services outside of traditional office hours, and patients can still take advantage of therapy while traveling.

Most importantly, online therapy makes treatment easily accessible to all those who wish to use it. It can benefit people in rural or remote areas where there are no nearby counseling services, or people who are physically disabled or unable to leave their homes.

Even during times of inclement weather or natural disasters, it’s easy for therapists and their patients to keep appointments. If you’ve ever worried about whether or not your therapist’s office is equipped with generic generators in case of a power outage, you already know how comforting the idea of online counseling can be.

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