Mental Check In

Is Quarantine Making You Crazy?

If you are like much of America, then you’re coming up on one full month of not being able to leave your home, not being able to watch NBA, MLB or basically anything other than reruns on TV.  So you’re probably asking yourself (if you haven’t already) – when will I go crazy?

Here’s some of the common signs that quarantine has absolutely gotten the best of you:

  1. You have watched every single show that Netflix has to offer (including Tiger King. twice.)
  2. You are running out of sweatpants to wear.
  3. You have contemplated dying your own hair.  (Advice: Don’t do it.)
  4. You are eating more frozen pizza and ramen noodles than you have since college.
  5. You have had a breaking point where you wanted to leave your house only to realize every place you wanted to go is closed.
  6. You have completed a jigsaw puzzle.

Wishing you and your family the best during this time of absolute madness.


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