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Scelerophobia (The Fear of Crime) and How to Make Yourself Feel Safe

Scelerophobia is not uncommon, the level or extent depends on various factors like age, gender, and past experience to name a few, as well as environment and ethnicity.

Here are a few ways to make yourself feel safer in your own home.

Get a good home security system. Figure out what your biggest fears are and get a system that is right for you.

Get to know your neighbors. That nosey neighbor might be one of your biggest allies against possible intruders.

Get new keys. When you first move into a place don’t forget that you are probably not the only one with a key, landlords, past owners, and even complete strangers could have a copy.

Change the locks as soon as possible, if you can’t ask the landlord who else would have a key and then install secondary security.

Exit strategy plan. Make sure you have a plan to get out in case of an emergency, go through a few scenarios, and plan how to get out quickly and safely.

Install a doorbell camera as well as other outdoor cameras.

Mary Newman

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