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Small Tasks That Could Make All the Difference for Your Mental Well-Being

When suffering from depression or other mood disorders, you might find it difficult to take care of yourself.

But you know what? Taking care of yourself is one of the most important things you can do.

I’m not here to bombard you with all those “positive mental attitude” quotes or self-care ideas that flood social media. I’m not going to sing you a self-love anthem from whatever pop princess is popular on the radio right now.

Look, I’m not knocking those forms of self-care, I just know that it’s not for everyone.

So instead, I wanted to put together a list of simple, easy-to-do tasks that we should be doing for ourselves every day.

Implementing these small tasks could provide the boost your mental health needs.

Actually Laugh Out Loud

It doesn’t matter if you’re into comedy specials or cat memes, take the time to actually laugh out loud at whatever tickles your funny bone. You’d be surprised just how much an actual laugh can do for you.

Laughter releases feel-good endorphins, reduces anxiety, and helps you release tension. Plus, it’s like a tiny little workout, contracting those ab muscles.

Stop Justifying Wants

We have a tendency to give freely to our friends and family, but then we don’t give ourselves the same treatment. Whether it’s because we don’t think we deserve things or we’ll be judged for it, we make excuses or hold ourselves back.

It’s okay to get what you want, too. Whether it’s a tangible object, a vacation, or something a little more abstract, start being honest with yourself about what you want. That’s the first step to actually getting it. Now, repeat after me: “I deserve it.”

Have Time to Yourself

It’s time to stop feeling guilty for “me time.” I know it’s easy to feel like you always need to be doing something. We live in a world that rewards productivity so much that we end up burning the candle at both ends.

There’s no shame in hitting the pause button. You deserve it, and you don’t need to justify it. Even the most successful people need to take breaks and do nothing for a little while.

Give your brain a much-needed break from all the obligations and distractions, and recharge your batteries, so to speak.

Healthy Habits

I’m not telling you to sweat it out for hours on end at the gym — I mean, unless that’s your thing — but you should do a little something healthy for yourself each day. From big to small, doing even the smallest task to benefit your health and well-being can make you feel exponentially better.

It could be as easy as a short walk around the neighborhood, a little meditation to get your day started, or making sure you drink your daily water intake. Stay hydrated, y’all!

A Little Forgiveness

We all screw up. There’s not a single person in this world who hasn’t made mistakes, and it’s important to remember this. We can often be our own biggest critics. But, you know what? That’s not helpful for anyone.

Instead, do yourself a favor and let go of any disappointment, guilt, or regret that you might have lingering around. Give yourself a little forgiveness, instead.

Thank Yourself Always

How often do you take the time to thank yourself? Give yourself credit for the big and small things you do always. Acknowledge your progress, show gratitude for the decisions you make, appreciate what you’ve overcome — hey, even say thanks to yourself the next time you buy your favorite drink.

Kat Sweet

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