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Summer Self-Care Activities For Your Mental Health

It’s summer! Between self-quarantine, active social distancing, and working from home, you need a break from all of that and it is so easy to do! Here are some suggestions for keeping your mental health, healthy.

Don’t sit at your computer all day! Take a break, go outside and eat your lunch or catnap under a tree.

Go for a walk, soak up the sun while exercising.

If your farmer’s markets are open take advantage of seasonal produce and local vendors.

Start and tend a container garden, you will be surprised at how fun it is.

Tidy or clean something, even if it is a desk drawer, often it can make you feel calm and in control of your environment.

Make a new music list of only songs that make you happy.

Start a journal, drawing, or painting.

At-home spa day! Light the candle, pour the glass of bubbly, draw a bath, put on a face mask, get out the essential oils.

Practice meditation.

Make summers for healthy pursuits and self-care, you won’t regret it!

Mary Newman

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