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The Best Foods to Eat When You’re Upset

We all have our own versions of comfort food, but it’s near-universal knowledge that these nine foods are guaranteed to help you feel better when you’re down.


Chocolate is the best, and everyone knows it. When you’re sad, you eat chocolate. This is no longer up for debate, so I shall explain no further.


You know you need nutrients, so eat something that gives you a lot of bang for your buck. A handful of nuts makes an easy and nutritious snack, and they require no effort to prepare.

Ice cream

Don’t stop yourself at a pint. That’s ridiculous. Eat as much as you need! And buy at least two different flavors in case you get bored of one throughout the night.

Anything you haven’t tasted in a while

It doesn’t have to be an emotional exercise–keep it simple! Whip up (or order in) a meal that you haven’t had in too long. Your tummy and your brain will thank you for the nostalgic treat!

Catie Housman

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