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Want To Be More Productive? Stop Working So Much

As more people are finding themselves working from home, it seems like work hours are taking over. And sure, it’s easy to keep on the grind when your office is now a mere 10 feet away from your bed.

But perhaps all that work — even if it’s from the comfort of your own home — isn’t so good for your productivity, or your health.

It might be time to take a break.

Sure, taking breaks probably sounds counterintuitive when it comes to productivity. After all, how can you be productive when you’re not working on the task at hand?

As it turns out, giving yourself a break is the best way to boost your productivity and protect your mental health.

So, forget about pushing through and working non-stop until you’ve finished — try taking a break, instead.

The Benefits of Regular Breaks

Taking a break can be really helpful to refocus your attention, especially when you find yourself experiencing that foggy feeling. You’ll find that you can gain focus and energy after stepping away, even for a short amount of time.

You need time to recharge and relax. Prolonged stress has detrimental effects on people. Taking time away to enjoy lunch or take a quick walk can help release built-up tension and stress.

Allowing yourself breaks can help boost your creativity, too. It can be difficult (and frustrating!) for anyone to develop new ideas or solutions after staring at the same thing all day. Instead, take a step back. It can give you a fresh perspective.

What Should You Do With Your Break?

What you do on your break relies entirely on you, your situation, and your surroundings. Your break might look a lot different than mine. However, there are plenty of excellent ideas to make the most of your break time.

Get moving! Whether you hit the gym or not, getting in a little physical exercise is a great way to de-stress. Roll out a yoga mat and do a few poses, go for a quick walk around the neighborhood, or even turn on your favorite song and have a solo dance party.

Do a mini self-care session. Self-care obviously looks different for everyone, but it could involve a soak in the bath, a sheet mask, or cooking yourself a healthy meal. When’s the last time you gave yourself a manicure and pedicure? Anything to recharge and focus on yourself and well-being.

Sharpen your mind. Taking a break from work or chores doesn’t always have to mean not being productive, per se. Is there a new skill you’ve been meaning to learn, or a class you’ve been interested in? Or, just sit down to do a jigsaw puzzle or other kind of game that requires solving problems to increase mental sharpness.

Find some quiet. Sometimes our brains just need a little peace and quiet, right? Retreat to a quiet space to clear your mind and recharge. You can use this time to meditate, read, or listen to relaxing music.

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